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03/30/15 - The Baby Name Bodhi Rises Again: Find Out Which Celeb Chose It!

This year we have already seen quite a few new and original baby names circulating the Hollywood hills. One that keeps bubbling to the surface is the surfer-boy-sounding Bodhi. Most recently, it’s been now announced as the chosen baby boy name of Noureen DeWulf, star of Anger Management and her co-star in life, Ryan Miller,More >

03/27/15 - The King Of Queens Kevin James Is a Dad for the 4th Time!

There’s a new member of royalty ascending to the throne. The beloved pudgy actor who plays the comical everyday delivery man Doug Hefferman on the popular hit series The King of Queens is now four times a dad, joining the ranks of the big Hollywood families. Yep, Kevin James, who is 49 years old, andMore >

03/27/15 - Nate Berkus, Designer from Oprah, Is A Dad, Gives Daughter Adorable Name

  Oh, my goodness, Nate Berkus is now a Hollywood Dad. Can you think of anything more adorable? Perhaps, now that we tell you her name! The beloved interior designer, perhaps best known for his work with Oprah, and his hubby, Jeremiah Brent, chose to name their first child and daughter Poppy. Such a cuteMore >