Indian Baby Names

Top Indian Baby Names 2016

Rank Name
1 Abha
2 Aditi
3 Amala
4 Chetana
5 Akash
6 Mala
7 Priya
8 Tanvir
9 Amar
10 Ananda
11 Bodhi
12 Akhila
13 Amita
14 Aravind
15 Deo
16 Deodan
17 Kamini
18 Kanta
19 Kashi
20 Lavanya
21 Madhuri
22 Manisha
23 Nalini
24 Nanda
25 Agni
26 Ajit
27 Akhil
28 Amit
29 Amrita
30 Anand
31 Anandi
32 Anila
33 Chetan
34 Gautama
35 Malati
36 Pallavi
37 Ranvir
38 Amrit
39 Anil
40 Anish
41 Ankita
42 Anuj
43 Anuja
44 Anupama
45 Chandan
46 Dev
47 Gotam
48 Indira
49 Kalpana
50 Kapila
51 Karan
52 Kaur
53 Kavita
54 Kunala
55 Lakshmi
56 Lata
57 Laxman
58 Mitul
59 Mridula
60 Mukta
61 Nilima
62 Nirupama
63 Padma
64 Pallab
65 Pallav
66 Prema
Rank Name
11 Bodhi
12 Akhila
13 Amita
14 Aravind
15 Deo
16 Deodan
17 Kamini
18 Kanta
19 Kashi
20 Lavanya

Namaste! From the birthplace of Buddhism and Hinduism, as well as yoga and Gandhi, comes the naming tradition which fuses commercial and cultural wealth, nobility of ancient civilization, and religious diversity!

Indian Background

With the population of 1.2 billion people, the Republic of India is the second-most populous country in the world. Located in South Asia, with its capital of New Delhi, India has a long history going from the ancient Indus Valley civilization, through the British colony, and ending up as an independent state. Considered the birthplace of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism, as well as yoga and Indian mythology, it is nowadays a popular tourist destination, offering the magnificent architecture of Taj Mahal, the Ganges River

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The BellyBallot Story

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