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A Baby Girl for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West! Name Rumored to Start with K

It happened, everyone, it really happened. After months and months of seeing a faceless baby bump touted about Hollywood on the otherwise slim figure of everyone’s favorite can’t-get-enough-of celeb Kim Kardashian, reports are in that the reality-television star gave birth! On Saturday! To a healthy baby girl!

While the celebrity baby name has not been announced officially, the Hollywood gossip mill, including HuffPo Celebrity and E!, is reporting that the baby-girl name starts with a K. The pressure is on, though. Can Baby K (name TBA) live up to the fancy-pants reputation enjoyed by that ubiquitous baby bump?

We think yes. At Kim’s side during the delivery was hottie musician hub, Kanye West, who took time off from promoting his latest album, “Yeezus,” reported US Weekly. The baby girl reportedly has a lush head of dark hair, a precursor to just-like-Mama’s voluptuous locks, to be sure, and was born in West Hollywood at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

We’re surmising this little princess will not be  a Kathy, a Kay, a Kim (like Mommy), or even a Kristen. No, if we just had to predict (c’mon, pull our arms already) what the winning celebrity-baby-girl name starting with a K might be, we’d venture a guess it’s among these top five selects:

1. Kai, which is Hawaiian, meaning sea

2. Kaitlyn, origins unknown but meaning pure

3.  Kaelyn, which is Old English, meaning meadow

4. Kara, which in its Italian iteration means beloved

5. Kalypso, as in the West Indian style of music (hey, her mom is Kim Kardashian and her dad is Kanye West and this is a celebrity-baby name we are guessing at here)

We’re delighted to see that the big event went off without a hitch for the K’s Are Us (Meet Dad Kanye, Mom Kim, and Baby K-Something). We’re wishing this Hollywood family all the best. And, of course, we’ll let you know who exactly K-Something is just as soon as we hear. Stay tuned, good celeb-baby-name followers.

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