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Adele Takes Stroll with Baby Angelo at Central Park Zoo

  Oh, Man, to have been putzing around New York City’s Central Park Zoo, ho-hum,  and happen upon, Adele, and her little man, Angelo (though, recall that the uber-talented singer never confirmed her son’s name).

Wait, throbbing-heart-via-vocal-cords Adele (!!) and her bouncing baby boy Angelo (!!), the likes of whom we haven’t seen in eight months, frolicking around our lil ole city’s backyard?  Well, must have been quite a sight. Of course, even if we’d been there, we’d have been, you know, cool…crisp…unaffected, as if, Oh look, it’s Adele, just hanging out here in Central Park, in New York City. Luckily, photogs were in on the romper-room action, which Us Weekly and HuffPo Celebrity posted.

Mom, with her creative-goddess up-do and artist-in-residence black dress, seemed carefree and jolly, while baby, a head fluff with wispy baby-hair, was wow-eyed, jibber-jabbing with zoo animals,  clad in a most adorable hat.

The two made quite a precious pair. Since Baby Adele gave birth to Angelo (we think…after all, as HuffPo Celebrity reminds us, Mama Melody does have an “A” tattooed behind-ear) in October 2012, this is the first time he’s made an appearance, reported Us Weekly magazine.

The young, growing family has been taking time away from it all in Brighton, England. It was said that the Grammy-winning crooner was in the summer-steamy metropolis for meetings, though it’s been previously reported that Adele’s love and core focus right now has been made clear: that’s pursuing her starring roles as Mom and Wife, and it will likely be years before she releases a new album.

It’s also been reported that 25-year-old Mom and Simon Konecki, Dad, may be gearing up for a secret wedding. The family is said to be immensely happy, just brimming with the good stuff these days. Adele, Simon, Baby Angelo, we love you, dears, and all the soul-probing, love-lifting harmonies you’ve given us. Such a special gift. We’re big-hug thanking you and  wishing you all the best.



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