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America’s Next Top Model’s Lisa Marie D’Amato Gives Baby Boy A Curious Name

Oh, boy, a super terrific celebrity baby name for you and your ever active curiosity. When that 31-year-old looker by the name of Lisa Marie D’Amato, a former America’s Next Top Model contestant and her handsome “hubster” as she refers to him, Adam Friedman, announced that the baby they were anticipating made an early arrival we were thrilled. But when we heard about this little man’s name, we were even more delighted.

The baby boy, who was born healthy on September 28, reports US Weekly, was given the name Daxel Vaughn.

That precious newborn has already been affectionately referred to by Mom as “Dax” on social networks, which we find, of course, a-dorbs! It’s not every day in celebrity baby-name tracking land we come across a “first-ever,” which I do believe this name is.

All the well wishes one can muster for this happy, growing Hollywood family.


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