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And the Boy-Girl Twins’ Names Are…True Blood’s Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin Fill Us In!


Way back in September of 2012, twins were welcomed by True Blood real-life romancers Oscar-slinging Anna Paquin, 30, and her steamy hub Stephen Moyer, 43. Ever after, though, the couple remained hush-hush about details of their new family, and remained mum as to what their twins’ chosen names, and genders, were.

This was no shocker, to be sure. Costars on the vamp-show set were reportedly caught unawares to learn that the two, despite their wildly undeniable on-screen chemistry, were actually a hot item, and that the couple had started off-screen dating, until it was publicly revealed in 2009. The Canadian and Brit married a year later in 2010.

So many months later, nine to be exact, the couple opened up, at the premiere of True Blood Season 6, revealing new details, (yes, baby names!) about their darling kin.

Loquacious Dad let slip the names when speaking with E! News, when he explained he’d be spending Father’s Day with the twins….as in, you know, Poppy and Charlie. D’oh! No we didn’t know; but now the secret is out.

Aha, another great celebrity baby name mystery un-sleuthed. Well, not really. We just had to wait around long enough for the parents to finally share some juicy tid-bits (albeit, perhaps unintentionally). The twins are kept company by an older sister, also with a fleur-inspired name, that of Lily

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