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And The Winner Is: Penelope Cruz’s Baby Gal Has A Name!

And, so, we now know what the precious Cruz-Bardem Spanish Senorita is named! The dashing couple, actress Penelope Cruz, 39, and her producer hubby Javier Bardem, 44, have chosen to name their adorable baby girl, Luna.

Luna Encinas Cruz, to be exact, as was reported by Vanitatis, a Spanish magazine.

Papa Bardem reportedly cruised by the registrar’s office on July 30, eight days after the baby was born in Madrid.

Beautiful, rolls-off-the tongue Luna translates from Spanish to English as moon. And Encinas is Dad’s first surname.

Baby Luna is joined by big hermano Leonardo, who is just more than 2 years old, and sure to become the little light’s loyal protector.

What a lovely name this celeb baby now has! Sending well wishes to this big-screen familia.

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