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Another Gossip Girl Alum Has A Baby Gal, Find Out Who!

Gossip Girl has some juicy news to spread, and it’s all about a former cast member by the name of Matthew Settle, who has taken his official credentials as a Hollywood dad of two, at the age of 45.

Yes, the actor and his longtime partner Maria Alfonsin delivered a healthy baby girl in to the world. The star-studded couple chose the uncommon and original baby gal name Nalu for their precious newborn.

Pronounced “nah-loo,” this cool baby name actually hails from the lush and tropical state of Hawaii (oft referred to the closest thing to paradise on earth), and was initially designated for baby boys. Yet, seeing as the society we are living in is increasingly becoming gender-neutral, the name is now also used for baby girls. The name Nalu means wave, or surf, in Hawaiian, so fitting of a name originating in the surfer’s nirvana.

Baby Nalu will have a big sis, formally a half-sis, in the family who can show her the ropes as she is growing up. That is her elder sister, who is named Aven, also a unique first name, and is 6 years old, a child from Dad’s former marriage with Naama Nativ.

Congratulations to the excited couple on the new parenting adventure upon which they are embarking. We hope this means that the whole family will soon be taking off for a restful and gorgeous vacation in the flourishing state of Hawaii together. And, if that is indeed the case: Can we come along?

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