Apply to be Belly Ballot’s National “Belly Branding (TM)” Winner (..and get $5000!)

Will YOUR Baby’s Name Have National Appeal??

From all of us at Belly Ballot, we are so excited to announce our national “Belly Branding™” contest.  One lucky pregnant couple may win $5000 in exchange for letting the entire world decide their baby’s name.

In recent months we have continued to see thousands of parents creating their personal Belly Ballots and including loved ones from all over the world in the baby naming process.  We appreciate all the positive notes and feedback on how much more fun baby naming has become (social just makes things better!)

We don’t want only friends and family of pregnant couples to have all the fun though…everyone should be able to participate!  So, we’ve decided to choose one couple that wants to let the world vote for their baby name!

After selecting the Winner, we will create their Belly Ballot and prepare the open voting to commence on March 18th and continue through March 22nd.  We will select a number of currently trending names, and names sponsored by our Advertisers to be listed on the ballot.  Anyone will be free to vote for 1 girl name and 1 boy name each (only 1 vote will count per person for each though).  The girl and boy name with the most votes when the ballot concludes on March 22nd will be the name our Winner will name their baby!

Here’s How It Will Work:

  • We will accept applications from Jan 13- Feb 13 2013 (see below on how to apply)
  • We may announce the “Belly Branding” winner on Friday, February 15
  • Based on current trending names and Advertiser Sponsorships*, Belly Ballot will select which names appear on the voting ballot
  • Nationwide voting will commence on March 18 through March 22.
  • The Winner will then name their baby whichever name gets the most votes (the world decides!)

Will YOUR Baby’s Name Have National Appeal??

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  1. Sophie Hernandez says:

    My husband and I are trying to buy a house because our apartment is too small for our new baby and this would be huge help for our down payment. So, pick me!

  2. LissetteSotelo says:

    CUTE! Will the winner be announced on the Facebook page too?

  3. Sue Bell says:

    Dont get me wrong…I could use the money, but this sounds a bit outrageous. What if everyone chooses a terrible name? Am I still on the hook to choose it? Why can’t I select my favorite names instead of you determining that?

    Honestly, that would be a deal killer for me.

  4. Voice of Reason says:

    This is crazy. You should all be ashamed of yourselves for even considering this. What are you going to tell your baby when they ask you how you choose their name??? DONT DO IT, YOU WILL REGRET THIS

    • MIndYourOwnBusiness says:

      Well, I’m so happy you are in a good financial position where you dont need the support…must be nice. Don’t judge others who could really use the money to provide a better life for their children.

      • kelly.matthews12 says:

        It isn’t nice to judge. I have a lot of family friends that are suffering right now and could really use some financial help. Whatever they do to support their families, short of commiting a crime, should be acceptable by everyone.

        I have to admit this does sound a bit crazy though. I definitely wouldnt want to tell my children this is how I named them.

        My 2 cents.

  5. Monique says:

    Wow, this is definitely a heated topic. :) I think everyone should remember this is just a contest and fun app. Nothing to be taken so seriously.

  6. misskk says:

    I would do it for $2000.00 dollars LOL!

  7. Maggiewag says:

    Love it!!! Are there any other things we can include in the email to help our chances of winning?

  8. Marshal Koepecki says:

    Can men apply too? The mother and I are not married, but I don’t think she would turn down that kind of money if we won.

  9. sarah peterson says:


  10. Mary Hauser says:

    Hey Lacey! What a CUTE contest! The flyer is adorable. Hope you get a bunch of great applicants and wish you the best on all of the recent success!

    p.s. Rob says hello too!

  11. evelynp says:

    We won’t have any input on which names will appear on the ballot??

  12. Contest Winner says:

    Submitted my application!

  13. kaykay says:

    :) :) :) :) DONE! :) :) :)

  14. Sandra Galardo says:

    I tried sending my application but I received an email error. Can someone confirm you received mine? I would like my list to include the names Abel, Jonas, and Marten. Thank you

  15. Kara McDowell says:

    Can we still apply????

  16. Jessica Proulx leclerc says: