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August 2013 Social Media Contest- Cast Your Vote

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Vote for your favorite names by liking the picture on Facebook ,Instagram or by liking this post and commenting with the number and/or letter of your favorite (only 1 comment per person) until the end of Thursday(US- EST). Friday- we will post the winners!!!!

So let’s start with the boys:

Boy number 1: Matthew Wang

One Month old from Philippines @plautilawang

Boy number 2: Elijah Landen

5 Months old from Virginia @b_unpr3dictabl3


Boy number 3: Kingsley Parker

9 Months old from New York @kingsleys_mum

Boy number 4: Rowin Ahmir

Born on 07/10/2013 from Maryland @loving_my2_spawns

Boy number 5: Sawyer Lee 

9 Months old from Bradenton, FL @jessicaeldridgemoore

So which baby boy name is your favorite??? Please, comment below the number and why you selected that name.

Baby girl names:

Girl A: Izabella Yazmin

2 Months old from Killeen, TX @armywife_cristerna13

Girl B: Savannah Lynn

4 Months old from Salt Lake City @_ambamberam

Girl C: Ka’Miyah London

Mommy @boobuz is 23 weeks pregnant from Chico, CA

Girl D: Laicee Era Rayne Starkey

One Month old from Delaware @corina13x

Girl E: Aubriella Monroe

9 Weeks old from Cincinnati, OH @xo__gabrielle

Girl F: Nay’a Rayne

10 Weeks old from Schurz, NV @momma_mac21

So which baby girl name is your favorite??? Please, like this post and comment below with the letter and why you selected that names.


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  1. Gabrielle says:

    E !

  2. Aaron Crowl says:


  3. Tyler Crowl says:

    Nay’a Rayne! Love my beautiful niece!

  4. Baby girl B!

  5. #2 My Elijah Landen!!! <3

  6. #2! Daddy loves you!

  7. cynthia macias says:

    F. Beautiful little girl! Awesome name:)

  8. Marie Williams says:

    f, The name is beautiful that matches a beautiful baby girl.

  9. #5 my baby love, Sawyer Lee! 🙂

  10. cynthia macias says:

    F, beautiful name for a beautiful baby!!!

  11. Brooke B. says:

    Baby boy 4!

  12. Brittany hutt says:

    I vote for boy #4 rowin ahmir cutest baby ever!!!

  13. Baby Boy #2 & Baby Girl E 🙂

  14. #3

  15. Kingsley Parker #3

  16. Kingsley parker #3!

  17. #5 Sawyer!!!

  18. Rendi Mays says:

    Sawyer Lee

  19. Plautila Wang says:

    Baby Boy # 1 – Matthew Wang

  20. Nicole Dimon says:

    5 Sawer!Such A Unique Name And He’s So Stinking Cute:)

  21. Rowin #4 not sure if this went through the first time. it said server error

  22. Baby Girl #E

  23. Baby Boy #2 and Baby Girl C!!!

  24. #5 SAWYER, It’s the cutest name and baby ever!

  25. Trinity Cristerna says:

    Baby boy-3
    Baby Girl-A

  26. Girl A

  27. ELIJAH #2#2#2#2

  28. Elijah #2 #2#2#2

  29. Giovanni Bovenzi says:

    Laicee Era Rayne Starkey- D

  30. #5 Sawyer Lee

  31. D !!

  32. Baby 3 Kingsley Parker

  33. Cheri anderson says:


  34. Laicee Era Rayne – Baby D – Gorgeous baby !!

  35. Baby girl D!! Laicee Era Rayne Starkey 🙂 🙂 🙂

  36. Ritu Singh says:

    Kingsely Parker-3 , what a cute name I will name my child same !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. A

  38. A 🙂

  39. A.

  40. A! Cute ass baby name

  41. Girl a

  42. Chelsea Crumlish says:

    Girl: D