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Baby Names Celebrating Workers’ Rights this Labor Day

Most Americans view Labor Day as a celebration ending the summer, or the extra holiday they get in September to BBQ or take a long weekend.  It was originally created though during … [Read more...]

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Summer Favorites from Belly Ballot

We have seen some amazing products this summer, and we wanted to share six of our favorites during these hot summer months! With three small kids, these products have been … [Read more...]


Woohoo! Belly Ballot’s National “Belly Branding” Contest Winner is…

We’d like to congratulate Natasha Hill of Los Angeles, CA…our “Belly Branding” National Contest Winner!!! We announced our contest here earlier this month to find the perfect … [Read more...]


Apply to be Belly Ballot’s National “Belly Branding (TM)” Winner (..and get $5000!)

Will YOUR Baby's Name Have National Appeal?? From all of us at Belly Ballot, we are so excited to announce our national “Belly Branding™” contest.  One lucky pregnant couple … [Read more...]

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Baby Names Predictions for 2013- 5 Trends That Will Shock You

One might think that we have seen it all – last year brought a lot of outrageous baby names.  It would appear this is only the tip of the iceberg though, as 2013 is shaping up to … [Read more...]

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Mackenzie and Ayden? Sooo April 2012. Belly Ballot Releases Real-Time Trends

Popularity trends are a huge influence when it comes to naming a child.  For decades, parents have relied on the annual Social Security Administration report or various opinions … [Read more...]

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Meet Reese’s New Baby Boy!

We got a small glimpse of 6-week old Tennessee James Toth as Reese ventured out in California this week.  He looks adorable and it is so cute to see her as a new mommy … [Read more...]

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Meet the Newest Gerber Baby

This morning on the TODAY show, the newest Gerber baby was revealed, 8-month-old Mary Jane Montoya. Her parent's entered her in the Gerber Facebook Contest and she was one of over … [Read more...]

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Gisele’s Bikini Baby Bump…What Name Will She Choose?

One could only wish to rock this bikini the way Gisele does, as seen in Miami over the weekend. Although she has been quiet about her pregnancy, it looks like it is only a … [Read more...]

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The Woombie: One Amazing Swaddler

Whether a new parent or a seasoned one, there is always a lot of chatter about swaddling. Expecting parents prepare for it in their baby class, and new parents are desperate to … [Read more...]

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My Top 10 Fall Baby Names List!

The leaves are changing, the weather is getting cooler (except here in Texas – we wait until December, maybe January) and the fall season is settling in nicely.  I thought it would … [Read more...]

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Uma Thurman Named Her Baby What?

With a name like Uma Thurman, one would suspect she might think outside the box when it comes to naming her baby. She jumped pretty far this time. Her third child, although first … [Read more...]