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Baby Names of the Week: Draydon and Sparrow

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Friday is here and so are our every week’s contest winners. This time, clear the decks to applaud                               Draydon Wolfe … [Read more...]

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New Year’s Babies: Dorian and Jadian


The New Year 2013 is here and its very beginning became the happiest moment for two families in Los Angeles.  Two couples, one at the Woodland Hills Medical … [Read more...]

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Why Is the Name in the Middle an Ultimate Riddle?


Middle names in English speaking countries go without saying. I don’t know anybody who wouldn’t have one. But just like with given names, the trends have … [Read more...]


Baby Hashtag: The Winner of Absolute Bizarre

Baby Hashtag

Ever thought of giving your infant prodigy an ultimate killer name, Twitter lovers? Baby girl Hashtag was born last weekend and hopefully, she will not become … [Read more...]

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Is Apostrophe a New Catastrophe?


De'wayne, La'tanya, D'Juan, Rah'Nee, A'merika, Shau'Nay, Mich'ele, Rene'e. Seriously??? Using apostrophes in first names has been developing over the … [Read more...]

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Does Your Child Live in a Spelling Hell?


To all of you spelling bee contestants, get ready for some changes in the category of trendy baby names! The new millennium certainly brought a lot of … [Read more...]

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Best Christmas Names 2012: Is Your Baby’s Name on the List?


It’s only the beginning of November, but shop windows already glitter. For all of you due in December and getting the most wonderful present underneath the … [Read more...]

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Jennie Finch Going Diesel on Her Daughter’s Name, or Not?

Jennie Finch

She was absolutely positive about her sons’ names. With her new baby girl coming in January, Jennie Finch seems a lot more dawdling this time. Jennie … [Read more...]