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3 More You’d-Never-Have-Guessed Celebrity Baby Names

Celebrity baby-arrivals galore this July, as birth announcements and darling photos are cropping up at left and at right. The latest round of baby-birth news brings to light three unexpected, never-heard-before baby names we think you’ll enjoy along with us. Here, we’ve gathered a roundup of the latest Hollywood baby-name selections to fill you in on, a veritable trifecta of cool-kid names.

1) For starters, 37-year-old British actress Marsha Thomason (best known for roles in Las Vegas, Lost and White Collar) and her lighting-technician hub Craig Skyes, birthed their first child on June 12th in NYC, a baby girl they graced with the name Tallulah Anais. The name Tallulah is Native American Indian in origin, and translates to leaping water. Congrats to the new, even better Hollywood family!

2) Onto the new boys of Hollywood: Ali Landry, 39, and her director esposo Alejandro Monteverde (in photo above; talk about an attractive family!) brought their third child into the world on July 11th. The boy, their second son, weighed a whopping 9 pounds (props to you, Mama Landry!) and the couple selected the name Valentin Francesco Monteverde for him. With a name that rolls off the tongue just so, Valentin is set to grow up to be a mighty heartthrob). Little Bro will be in able hands, with protector Older Bro Marcelo Alejandro and lead-the-way Eldest Sis Estela Ines. In Spanish, the name Valentin translates to valiant, as in brave, gallant, courageous, oh my! Like we said, future Don Juan alert.

3) And, to satisfy our craving for a knockout, never-encountered before celebrity-baby-name (hey, got to keep the idea-cup full), model May Andersen, 30, and her artist-slash-filmmaker fiance Julian Schnabel crowned their swaddled boy, born on June 20, Shooter Sandhed Julian Schnabel, Jr. (now, repeat that mouthful five times fast). No, no, not Scooter. Shooter. Now, are we talkin’ harmless pellets here? Or, the rare and appreciated straight-Shooter? By the way, this is child number six for 61-year-old Pap.

Clearly no rest for the weary among the glitterati. Carving out time for work, and plenty of play. Well done, say we.

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