Baby Hashtag: The Winner of Absolute Bizarre

Baby Hashtag

Ever thought of giving your infant prodigy an ultimate killer name, Twitter lovers? Baby girl Hashtag was born last weekend and hopefully, she will not become hip inspiration for social media devotees.

A picture of Facebook post with the newborn Hashtag was presented on this week and it turned the social media as well as online magazines upside down. Leaving aside why a Twitter lover would disclose the breaking news on Facebook, let’s engage in brief contemplation: was this just a typo or is this happening for real? And if so, is it the key to open Pandora’s Naming Box, used by social media morons? If it starts with Hashtag, what’s next? At Reply, RT or maybe Fail Whale?

We live in a digital world and social media tools are a huge part of it. I still think they should benefit rather than ridicule our lives. Seriously, I might enjoy checking in at venues, but it doesn’t mean I’m going to name my child Foursquare.

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