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Baby Names of the Week: Axton and Chanelle

Friday is here again and we are ready to introduce new winners of our weekly baby naming contest. After yet another unusual couple from the last week, especially on the girl’s side, Mason and A’siah, we are certainly not straying from out of the ordinary trend. Today, a round of applause goes to Axton William and Chanelle Nevaeh!

We would appreciate if the parents could chime in on what inspired them to choose these two names specifically.

Originating in English, Axton means ‘from a stone town’. Initially it was used as a surname, derived from the place name of Axton in Kent, UK. As a surname it functions until today, and it probably started gaining popularity due to other similarly sounding names such as Paxton or Jaxton, the -X- sound being very trendy in baby names recently. In the United States, Axton is still waiting for its place in the sun of popularity ranks since currently it is still fairly rare.



Chanelle is a variant spelling of Chanel, itself coming from French language and meaning ‘narrow as a pipe’. Similarly to Axton, it was initially used as a surname and as surname it functions until today, the most famous bearer being Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, French fashion designer and founder of Chanel fashion house. The popularity of Chanel has been somewhat fluctuating in the United States and of lately, the spelling variants of Chanelle and Shanelle are also hitting the charts.


Looks like this week’s contest was won over by last names for first names and big fans of haute couture.

So, my dear moms and soon-to-be moms, what do you think about these names and would you ever get the same zeal for them?

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