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Baby Names of the Week: Benjamin and Winter

Another week has passed and once again we have the baby name contest winners. After last week’s Bradon and Jazlyn, the path has reversed and we are turning to slightly more established names, at least on the masculine side. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome our darlings of the week: Benjamin Aldo and Winter Jean!

As every week, we will try to help you understand these names, hopefully with a little hint from the parents as for what inspired them to favor these names.

Benjamin has gone through a great comeback in popularity charts within the last two decades. Originally from Hebrew, it means ‘the son of my right hand’ and as an English given name it started being used after the Protestant Reformation. In Christian, Jewish and Islamic tradition, Benjamin was the last-born of Jacob’s twelve sons, and until today in some countries and languages, The Benjamin of the Family is a phrase used for the youngest child in the family. Benjamin functions as both the given name and the surname and the famous bearers include Benjamin Franklin, one of the US Founding Fathers, and Benjamin  Affleck-Boldt, known to the world as Ben Affleck, American actor and director.


Winter originates in Old English and as a given name it was derived from the name of the coldest season of the year. Together with its ‘seasonal sister’ Spring, Winter’s popularity has been slowly growing in the last decades. It is still rather rare though, compared to its other two ‘seasonal sisters’, Summer and Autumn, which are statistically much more popular. Despite its British origin and usage, Autumn is currently ranked #68 on the US popularity charts of feminine given names. In many countries, mostly German speaking, Winter is a widespread surname, the famous bearer being Milady de Winter, a fictional character in Alexander Dumas’s The Three Musketeers.

So, dear moms and soon-to-be moms, was it faith in religion and fondness of cold climates that inspired our winners’ names this time? Feel free to tell!

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