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Baby Names of the Week: Braden and Jazlyn

The weekend is right outside the door and we are ready to present our Friday baby naming contest results. After the last contest’s winners, Silas and Kinleigh, this week’s sweethearts’ names definitely come with an edge. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome the new winning couple: Braden Levi James and Jazlyn Morgan!

As with every contest, we will once again try to help you understand these names, hopefully with a little hint from the parents as for what inspired them to favor these names.

Originally from an Irish surname, Braden means ‘son of Bradan’, the word ‘bradan’ coming from Irish Gaelic and meaning ‘salmon’. In Irish mythology, The Bradan Feasa – Salmon of Wisdom is an old legend, introducing Finn MacCool, a mythical Irish warrior. Braden has been hitting the popularity charts in the US for about 20 years now, probably following the 1990s trend of masculine names ending in the sound –aden, such as Aidan, Caden, Jaden, etc. It is used in a number of different spelling variants, Brayden being the No. 1 now in America, followed by Braeden and Braiden. Some sources also suggest an Old English meaning of the name – ‘broad valley’.

Jazlyn is a modern invented English name, and thus its meaning is unclear. Most likely, it originated as a combination of the popular prefix Jaz- and suffix –lyn; the spelling variant of Jaslyn is also possible. Some sources also suggest its origin in other Germanic languages. Jazlyn hit the popularity charts in the US in the 1990s and is currently climbing up as a girl’s name. Because of its recent history, it is still waiting for its famous bearer to show up. Who knows, maybe Jazlyn Morgan will be one of them one day!


So, dear moms and soon-to-be moms, did you get inspired by the recent name stars of Braden and Jazlyn, or would you rather go for something on the more conventional side?

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