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Baby Names of the Week: Ender and A’lani

Another week has passed and once again we have the baby name contest winners. After last week’s Axton and Chanelle, we are certainly not straying off the path of extraordinary. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome our darlings of the week: Ender Adon and A’lani Skyy!

Let’s uncover the meaning of these names and try to resolve the unfathomable: what inspired the parents to choose them?

The origins of Ender are Turkish and as a masculine given name it is definitely unique in the US. In Turkey, on the other hand, it is currently a very popular baby boy name. It means ‘scarce’ and functions as a surname as well. The famous bearers include Ender Alkan, a Turkish footballer, and Ender Arslan, a Turkish basketball player. In western culture Ender was popularized by Orson Scott Card, an American writer, in his science fiction novel Ender’s Game which introduced the character of Ender Wiggin.



A’lani is a Hawaiian name in origin and it means ‘orange tree’. It only became a baby girl favorite recently but it’s already shooting up the popularity charts, probably since everything ending in –lani, so typical for Hawaii, simply sounds good. Its rising popularity might also be due to the similarly sounding and more established names such as Alana or Alanis, both of which are of Germanic origin and have been enchanting parents for a long time now.



So, dear moms and soon-to-be moms, do you still have the same zest for atypical baby names or is it time to finally draw some lines between original and bizarre? Unfold your ideas in our comment section!


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