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Baby Names of the Week: Hudson and Khloe

Friday is here again and we are ready to present the winners of our weekly naming contest. Straying from the last week’s atypical Ender and A’lani, we are turning back to a more established and conventional couple. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome this week’s champions: Hudson Zachary John Coffman and Khloe Addison!

And the million dollar question remains the same: where did the parents’ inspiration come from and what made them decide on the less usual spelling of Khloe?

The etymology of Hudson is quite an interesting one. Currently serving as both surname and given name, it originates in Germanic languages and means ‘son of Hugh’. Hugh itself was derived from Germanic hug, meaning ‘intelligence, spirit’. It’s hard to say where the ardor for Hudson came from, but the fact is that recently it shot from almost zero popularity to the top of the charts. The most famous bearer of the surname is undoubtedly Henry Hudson, a 17th century English navigator and explorer of the modern New York metropolitan area. Others include the American actress Kate Hudson and her brother Oliver, an actor as well.


Khloe seems to have become a new darling of moms and dads. Her spelling variant sister Chloe, currently ranked #10, is still beating her in the popularity charts but Khloe is slowly catching up on her. Originating in Greek, Khloe means ‘little green sprout’ and it was used as one the names of Demeter, the Greek goddess of earth, agriculture, harvest and forests. The original CH spelling version is very popular for baby girls in the United Kingdom and France, where it was popularized by the French fashion house of Chloé, founded in Paris in 1952. In the United States the name is now associated with Khloé Kardashian, one of the famous Kardashian sisters.

So dear moms and soon-to-be moms, we really enjoy this week’s winners. After the flood of peculiar names in the past contests we are finally returning to the simple beauty of tradition. Don’t you think?

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  1. Lineth Alfonso says:

    I have a book when I was 12 I wrote down my favorite boy and girl names. “Chloe” was one of them. I had a lot of decisions to make if it were to be a girl, because I was pretty sure I was having a boy “Jason Evans” lol no questions asked. Then we found out it was a girl! No wonder I went crazy trying to find the girls name and I thought of, Halli Brooke, Jzabehl, kourtney, Scarlette Sophia, Jessica, Sabrina, Kate. But after all the researching and vote and opinions. Sophia was used too much very played out as beautiful as it sounded. That became a no. Scarlette I love but my bf hated that it said scar in the beginning not nice and hard to pronounce for latin like our parents. Jessica was nothing special. Sabrina my mother hater it for reasons lol. Kourtney sounded well corny lol. Jzabehl is an unfaithful women in the bible and my mom says it sounds like Isabel same thing , and Kate sounds like cake and people would call her Kay k. Lol! Finally Khloe came down to it! I loved it way before the kardashian a btw! I have proof for my notebook when I was 12! And I changed it from c to k because c is very common and k isn’t also k goes with her personality as her birth sign as well as with my bfs nickname first letter k. So it was simple cute and easy to pronounce. Pros are that the meaning is beautiful and we put a special touch to her middle name “Addison” which is also from the bible and many more beautiful meaning! We first really fell inlove with it from the show greys anatomy Addison the child specialist surgeon! So she was beutiful and look at her specialty! Also it rhymes with my little sisters middle name “Allison”. So that’s how Khloe Addison came to me and now she’s a winner and she isn’t even born yet :) life.