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Baby Names of the Week: Isaac Alexander and Everleigh Michelle

Friday is here and so are our every week’s contest winners. After last week’s unusual Titus and Myla, clear the decks to applaud Isaac Alexander and Everleigh Michelle!

Let’s uncover the meaning of these names and try to resolve the unfathomable: what inspired the parents to choose them?


Isaac already caught our attention a few weeks ago, in its Slavic spelling moderation Izak. The classic English spelling Isaac fits much better though, mainly as it eliminates the doubts about the pronunciation. Isaac is an old Hebrew name which means ‘one who brings laughter’ and it first appeared in the Bible. The most famous bearers until today remain Sir Isaac Newton, a 17th century English mathematician and physicist, and Isaac Asimov, an American science-fiction author.


Everleigh is definitely the less conventional one in our duo today. It is a spelling variant of Everly, or Everley, both of which being originally used as surnames and meaning ‘from a wild boar meadow’. It was derived from a place name and until today there are several places in the world of the same name. There might be some concerns about the pronunciation. Historically, Leigh developed as a variant of Lee, thus the pronunciation should be the same – LEE. However, some sources also mention Ever-LAI, so it really depends on what pronunciation the parents had in mind, and let’s face it, that just makes the girl’s life a little bit harder…


So, dear moms and soon-to-be moms, would it be science, literature or the Bible that inspired Isaac’s parents? And is anyone bold enough to crack the Everleigh pronunciation puzzle?

Unfold your ideas and opinions in our comment section!

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  1. Kellie says:

    First of all everleigh is a beautiful unique name that does not need to be dissected. Leigh is a family name that is why it is attached to ever. Ever is tried and true as in for ever after in all the fairy tails. So combining fairy tails and beautiful stories with family names is the best name a grl can have and she will have a wonderful story and there will be no complications with her name in the future.

  2. Kristie says:

    When I found out that I was pregnant with a girl we immediately started thinking of names and my husband gave me full range to choose. My twin sister actually is the one that found the name Everly I loved the name, But we wanted to put our own twist on it. My middle name is Leigh and my twin sister’s middle name is Michelle. My daughter’s name has special meaning as it has both mine and my twin sister’s middle name. So we came up with the perfect combo- Everleigh Michelle! She may hate me when she starts to have to write her name just like I did since I had a long and different spelling to my name but grew to love it very quickly because it was unique and not many people have the same spelling. I know she will feel special to have such a unique name and spelling as well. Everleigh is pronouced Ever-LEE. I must say I have got a ton of compliments on her name and I’m sure in no time there will be more and more little girls out there with the beautiful name in every spelling Everly, Everley, or my favorite Everleigh!