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Baby Names of the Week: Jett and Charlotte

Friday is here and after last week’s break, we come back with our baby naming contest. After previous, half-traditional duo of Kaiden and Emma, once again this week’s boy winner goes unconventional, whereas the girl stays within the realms of tradition. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome our darlings of the week: Jett Marcus and Charlotte Nicole!

Let’s uncover the meaning of these names and try to resolve the unfathomable: what inspired the parents to choose them?

Originating in English, Jett has been basking in the glory as a boy’s name quite shortly. Initially used as a surname, it is either derived from jet – the name of the minor gemstone that gave rise to the adjective jet-black – of the blackest black, or some sources also suggest the connection to jet aircraft. The famous bearers of the name include Joan Jett, an American rock guitarist, singer and author of the 1982 hit ‘I Love Rock ’n’ Roll’, as well as Jett Williams, an American country music performer and surprisingly a woman using this mostly masculine name. In its spelling variant Jet, it is hard not to mention Jet Li, a Chinese film actor and martial artist, born Li Lianjie.


A feminine form of Charles, Charlotte was a popular name in royalty circles throughout centuries and she only made her huge comeback to popularity charts in the 2000s. Originally Germanic, it means ‘woman’ or ‘free woman’ and is a popular girl’s name not only in the United States, but all around the world, mainly in Australia and Great Britain. The most famous bearer is probably one of the Bronte sisters, author of Jane Eyre and Villette, Charlotte Bronte. More recently, the name was popularized by one of the Sex and the City main characters, Charlotte York, played by Kristin Davis. Until today, Charlotte remains the name of numerous places around the US, including the largest city of North Carolina.


So, dear moms and soon-to-be-moms, anyone of you a literature buff or into martial arts? What inspired you to choose a specific name for your newborn darling?

We’re always here, waiting for your comments and ideas!

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  1. Emily says:

    My sweet baby Charlotte! And I love the name Jett!