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August Babies: Kingsley and Aubriella

The weekend is just around the corner and we are ready to introduce our monthly contest winners. Last time’s Benjamin and Winter would seem rather conventional compared to the new victors. Get your ovations ready as we are proud to present this month’s sweethearts: Kingsley Parker and Aubriella Monroe!

It has become customary in our blog comments that no name is just a regular given name, and this week’s winners are no exception to the rule. Let’s uncover the meanings of the names and hope that the parents will help us understand why these two specifically won their hearts.

Kingsley was originally used as a surname in Old English, meaning ‘king’s meadow’. The English actor Ben Kingsley from the 1982 film Gandhi would probably be the most recent famous bearer.  It wasn’t until the 20th century when Kingsley broke through as a given name as well, as would be the case of Kingsley Amis, an English novelist and author of Lucky Jim. It looks like Kingsley is still waiting for its happy chance on the popularity ranks because so far, it’s certainly not beating the world records.



The baby girl winner’s name – Aubriella, is a modern twist on a fairly old and traditional one – Aubrey. Originally from Germanic languages, Aubrey means ‘ruler of elves’ and was initially used as a masculine name only. Since the 1970s though, it has hit the popularity charts as a girl’s name and currently is one of the most frequently used feminine names in the US. Some sources attribute this success to the similarity of Aubrey with Audrey. The modern variation of Aubriella probably gained its inspiration from similarly sounding popular names such Gabriella or Isabella.


So, dear moms and soon-to-be moms, what do you think of our today’s winners? Does Kingsley have the potential to climb any higher on popularity charts? And would you consider Aubriella exceptional or just a little too creative?

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  1. lourdes says:

    Good job Kingsley and Aubriella!!

  2. Christian says:

    My nephew I am so proud!

  3. Sergio says:

    I’m such a proud poppa! We picked your name bc we wanted you to stand out and be different, and so far so good! I love you poppa!

  4. estela says:

    I love you my beautiful grandson- Kingsley