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Baby Names of the Week: Kylen and Henri

Another week has passed and once again we have the baby name contest winners. After last week’s Nixon and Kinslee, we are following the path of extraordinary. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome our darlings of the week: Kylen Pryce and Henri Sophia!

We would really appreciate the parents’ help on uncovering the meanings of these names because this time the usage of the names are, forgive me for the blunt delivery, a big mess.

Let’s start with Kylen. First of all, it is quite unclear whether the name is used as masculine or feminine. In the case of a boy, it is most likely a modification of the name Kyle. Having its origin in Gaelic and meaning ‘living near a narrow channel’, Kyle has always been a little bit more popular in the United Kingdom than the United States. Most of us remember its famous bearer Kyle MacLachlan, the American actor from Desperate Housewives and Twin Peaks series. Many sources suggest, though, that Kylen is used as a girl’s name too, sort of its own variant of Kaylyn.


The name Henri for a girl is another big unknown, at least regarding pronunciation. Technically, Henri is a French variant of Henry, a masculine name originating in Germanic languages and meaning ‘ruler of the house’. What comes out as a little puzzling is whether the parents really intend to pronounce their girl’s name AHN-ri, which is the correct French pronunciation, or if Henri is simply supposed to be an innovative spelling modification and thus they would use the classic English HEN-ri.


As mentioned at the beginning, today’s names are a bit of a mess. We fervently hope that the mothers of these gorgeous creatures will try to explain everything we’ve been scratching our heads about – the inspiration for Kylen and the pronunciation of Henri.

We yearn for your ideas and opinions, dear moms and soon-to-be-moms, enlighten us!

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  1. Carolyn Brumley says:

    We actually modified Henrietta, the feminine version of Henry, used with an English pronunciation. We named her after my Grandma Henrietta, one of her nicknames was Henri.