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Baby Names of the Week: Wade and Addison

Another week has passed and once again we have the baby name contest winners. After last week’s Isaac and Everleigh, the path has reversed and we are turning to slightly more established names. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome our darlings of the week: Wade Fisher and Addison Rose!

As every week, we will once again try to help you understand these names, hopefully with a little hint from the parents as for what inspired them to favor these names.

Wade has been a popular boy’s name for a long time, although recently it’s not hitting the top of the ranks. It originated as a place name in Old English and means ‘from a ford’. As is the case of many place names, it later on began to be used as a surname and as a surname it functions until today. With such a famous bearer as the NBA player Dwayne Wade, nicknamed Flash or D-Wade, Wade has the potential to keep its steady low-profile popularity as a masculine given name for years ahead. Chances are its favor will be fueled by the fictional character of Wade Kinsella on The CW’s TV show Hart of Dixie.


Addison originates in Old English as well but its etymology is a lot more colorful. It means ‘Adam’s child’ and initially derived from a place name into a surname. As a surname it functions until today, the famous bearer being Thomas Addison, an English physician and scientist. From a surname, Addison became popular as a masculine name, which wouldn’t be anything extraordinary if it lately hadn’t become one of the most popular girl’s names in US. It’s arguable whether the boost in popularity was caused by Addison’s similar pronunciation to Madison, another current favorite, or the fictional character of Addison Montgomery on ABC’s Private Practice and Grey’s Anatomy shows, played by Kate Walsh.

So, dear moms and soon-to-be moms, what is it that make us use last names for first? And is TV really such a strong influence you could name your baby after a fictional character?

We are ready to discover your thoughts and ideas in our comment section!

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