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Bachelor Alum and Firestone Tire Heir Has Third Cihld, a Baby Boy!

While finding the picture perfect wifie took a while, it hasn’t taken long for former ABC Bachelor star, businessman Andrew Firestone (handsome heir of the Firestone tire), 38, to build a family. He’s now a father of three–his model-wife Ivana, 36, delivered a healthy baby boy.

The couple chose to name their son, the first baby boy in the trio of sibs, Shane. He is joined by an older sister and brother, 2-year-old Anja and 4-year-old Adam Brooks (who goes by Brooks).

The name Shane is Irish in origin and means God is gracious. It has actually dipped a tad in popularity in US in recent years, once appearing as the 174th most popularity baby name in America according to social-security administration data and then falling to 248 in 2012.

Congrats to the happy, growing family.



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