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Best Christmas Names 2012: Is Your Baby’s Name on the List?

It’s only the beginning of November, but shop windows already glitter. For all of you due in December and getting the most wonderful present underneath the Christmas tree, it’s time to search for some Christmassy names!!!

Whether it’s a boy or a girl that Santa’s bringing you in his mighty sleigh, there are quite a few names for your Christmas inspiration. My favorite picks for a girl would be Noelle and Natalie. Noelle literally means Christmas in French, it has been gaining popularity in recent years and it’s very classy. Natalie is a very old and more traditional name, originally from Latin and referring to the birthday of Jesus Christ.

Other traditional picks include Joy, Ginger, Carol, Holly or Eve. If you want to go down the unconventional road, there’s always Star and Candy. But be careful and think twice about your baby girl’s future. Because let’s be honest, will Star or Candy ever be a congresswoman???

If you’re about to discover a baby boy in that Christmas stocking above your fireplace, my personal favorite is Matthew. Translating from Hebrew as God’s present, it is one of the most popular names all around the world. And who wouldn’t want to get a gift from God himself! Nicholas, Claus and Joseph are also on the top of the Christmas list. Stark traditional, yet quite unusual are Jesus and Angel. Despite becoming more and more popular in the US, both of them are a little too bold in my opinion. But tastes differ. And last but not least: Rudolph. Now seriously, reminding everyone of Santa’s famous deer, it sounds like I’m giving birth to my grandfather…

So, dear moms and soon-to-be moms, what would you name your Christmas prodigy?

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