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Best Friends Forever’s Jessica St. Clair Is A New Mom!

Best Friends Forever television-series actor Jessica St. Clair, 36, and her playwright hub Dan O’Brien brought home a precious little angel all their own on October 1, reports US Weekly.

And, boy did they go with a doosie for a name. Sounds like Isabella, which ranked most popular baby-girl name in New York City three years in a row, including in 2012– but it is spelled I-S-O-B-E-L, Isobel.

The adorable baby girl’s whole name is Isobel Kelly O’Brien. Isobel is a variation of the Hebrew Isabel and Elizabeth, and is said to mean “God’s promise.”

The former Wanderlust and Bridesmaids actor will be relishing these precious and peaceful (albeit for the severe lack of sleep) as a new mom, as she will soon be back to work on the Playing House sitcom.

Hip, Hip Hooray for the happy, healthy family.

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