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Beverly Hills 90210 Ian Ziering and Wife Greet 2nd Daughter

My, look how this former Beverly Hills 90201 star has grown! Now father of two, the actor, who went on to star on Dancing with the Stars, Ian Ziering, 49, and his wife Erin, announced having had a beautiful baby girl, who will go by the name of Penna Mae, on April 25th.

It’s such a unique name, and of course we love it. Originality in baby names is always appreciated.

The baby arrived one week early, Ziering told People magazine. The new little one was greeted by a big sister, named Mia Loren, another beautiful and interesting name, who, imagine this, has the same exact birthday. The two sisters will be exactly two years apart.

What a unique name – what are the origins, you ask? Our question exactly. Turns out it was a nod to the actor’s father, who passed away and was named Paul. Penna was chosen as a tribute to him. When he joins the Chippendales revue in Vegas in June, will the gals tag along? Or, now that he’ s now outnumbered, so will he need to take some guy time away and alone? We’ll see,  won’t we!

What are some of the most unique baby names you’ve encountered lately?


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