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Big Hollywood Families: Actor Neal McDonough and Wife Greet Baby Number Five!

Tales of a another ginormous Tinseltown family, 48-year-old actor Neal McDonough and his wife Ruvé have brought their fifth baby into the world, making this a family of seven, reports People.

The celeb couple selected the name James Hamilton for their newest member of the family.

The little man is sure to never be lonely, with four older sibs, names Morgan Patrick, who is 8, Catherine Maggie, who is 6, London Jane, who is 4 and Clover Elizabeth, who is 2.

Thus far it’s four to three, in favor of the ladies. Will the couple attempt a sixth child, going for a boy to even the gender score? Only time will tel!l!

Kudos to the growing Hollywood family–Mom and Dad certainly seem to have excellent reproductive health!

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