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Busy Philipps’ Big Reveal: And Baby #2 Is Named……

At last, Busy Philipps has joined the baby-name-sharing game and filled all the world in on what she and husband Marc Silverstein have chosen to name their second baby girl, born on July 2, weighing eight-plus pounds. The family that was three, and now is four, reportedly just couldn’t be happier.

So, what is this celeb baby name we’ve been waiting to discover? Well, seeing as their first daughter, who is now 4, was named Birdie Leigh, we knew that Little Sis’s celebrity-baby-name was sure to be a doozy. And, if you’ll recall, we surmised, back in April, that it would be nature-inspired.

Well, when it was revealed, we were not disappointed.

This little girl will be called Cricket Pearl, which is definitely a one-of-a-kind baby name. Mega-points Team Silverstein for originality.

The 34-year-old Cougar Town star, Busy (who, by the way, was name the traditional Elizabeth by her parents)  was fast to defend the couple’s name choice on Twitter, writing, “It’s weird people think my kids will be in therapy because of their names.”

Agreed. We actually are enjoying the pleasant, warm-weather backyard game associations (a spot of grass-court badminton….or Cricket, anyone? Wait, hold on, wherever is that Birdie?) Indeed, cricket is England’s national summer sport, and badminton may well be America’s unofficial favorite summertime sport.
Even standing alone, with no silly associations, these names are light and sweet. And if the girls’ childhood friends want to nickname them something else, they can, and they will. Look at Mom. Her childhood nickname eventually replaced her parents’-given name.
Speaking of Busy, she soon won’t have much time to play Protective Mama Bear. Her next big-screen appearance will be in the rom-com A Case of You with a cast including Vince Vaughn, Rachel Wood, Justin Long and Sienna Miller.
She’ll also return to TBS’s Cougar Town set, continuing to play the role of the fiery assistant on season five. Gosh, that woman really is quite…..Busy.

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