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CNN’s OutFront Anchor Erin Burnett and Hub David Rubulotta Greet Baby Boy

Just one day after that big, fat family feast known as Thanksgiving, another Baby Mama came to be, and she suddenly dropped instead of gained a ton of pounds. This time, CNN anchor on the show Outfront, Erin Burnett, gave birth to a baby boy, reports US Weekly.

First-time parents, 37-year-old Burnett and her Citigroup managing director hub David Rubulotta.

While the couple did not immediately reveal the name of their precious little man, New Mom Burnett, who you may remember once coanchored CNBC’s Squawk, couldn’t actually hold onto her baby-name secret long, soon sharing with her 121,000-and-counting Twitter fans @ErinBurnett, that the healthy sprout’s name is….in fitting with the celebrity-name tradition of originality we look forward to…Nyle Thomas.

Yep, not Kyle or Tyler, but a kind of hybrid of both: Nyle. Nice way to change it up, new parents. For reals, we really aren’t sure if it’s more “Neil” or “Nile” in terms of pronunciation, as this little babe’s teachers will likely wonder each year’s first day of school. But we, of course,  applaud the surprising originality. It’s certainly a stellar on-air name, should the little fella opt to follow in Mama’s footsteps.

Congratulations to the happy, growing family.


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