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Colin Hanks (Son to Tom) Is A Dad…Again!

Actor Colin Hanks (yes, son to Tom) and his wife Samantha Bryant had a healthy baby girl join their growing Hollywood family of three.

Her name is Charlotte Bryant Hanks, and she’s already got a willing  playmate at home, a big sis by the name of Olivia Jane, a toddler of 2 years.

Charlotte is the French feminine diminutive form of the masculine name Charles. It may remind you of Charlotte Bronte, oldest of the three Bronte daughters who wrote the classic 1847 English novel Jane Eyre.


The 35-year-old Orange County star who recently appeared in on the CBS television show NCIS and his wife completed their nuptial vows in 2010. With a granddad as rollicking as Tom Hanks (from Forest Gump to Big to Toy Story), this little lady is sure to be in good babysitting hands!



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