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Country Singer Justin Moore Had 3rd Baby, and 3rd Girl!

Country boys are indeed surviving, and procreating! The latest country crooner to become a big daddy is Justin Moore, whose third child, a bounding baby girl, recently arrived healthy and strong, making dad seriously outnumbered on the household boys’ team.

Proud parents, Justin and Kate, chose to name their little gal Rebecca Klein, reports Country Weekly.

Newborn Rebecca will have plenty examples of fine young ladies to learn from in her two older sisters, Kennedy, who is 2 years old and Ella, who is 4 years old.

Upholding the tradition set when their first daughter was born, Rebecca’s name selection is all in the family. Her first name was given as a tribute to her grandmother on her father Justin’s side.

The baby girl name Rebecca stems from the Ecclesiastic Latin and Greek Rhebekka, which originates in the Hebrew Ribbqah from rabak meaning to tie or to bind. In the Bible, Rebecca is the name of the wife of Isaac. In 2013, the name Rebecca ranked as 178th most popular girls’ baby name given in thee US, according to the Social Security administration.

Day to day, though, the parents say the newest addition to the growing family will be called Klein.

While baby gal’s first name was given to honor a family member, her middle name was nothing of the sort. The parents admit that they chose it simply because they like it.

Klein is also the name of the daughter of Mike Young, from the group Eli Young”s Band, but spelled uniquely, as Kline. Klein originated as a German boys’ name and is uncommon as a first name, much more common as a surname.

Congrats to the bee-bopping down-home country family.


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