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Devious Maids Starlette Dania Ramirez Reveals Twins’ Unique Four-Word Names

After a suspenseful wait, actress Dania Ramirez has the cat (er, kittens) out of the bag. The Devious Maids cast member has revealed the names she and her director-hub John Beverly Amos Land had in mid-December.

And the winning names were: Gaia Jissel Ramirez Land, for their baby girl, and John Aether Ramirez Land for the couple’s baby boy.

The name Gaia (pronounce “guy-a”) is one we don’t see very often on the celeb-baby-name blog. It’s Greek in origin and linked to the word for Earth, and is the female personification of the planet as goddess. In Greek mythology this is also mother of the Titans. Though this baby-girl name is not one we’ve encountered here at Babynames.net recently, it’s absolutely aligned with one of our predicted baby-naming trends for 2014: A return to ancient times and mythological names (think Thor and Triston, and, well Gaia).

Twin brother’s middle name, which he’ll go by day-to-day is also Greek, meaning heaven, or upper sky, the supreme air that the gods breathe. The two are sib in Greek Mythology, and now in the Ramirez-Land family.

The twins are joined by older brother Kai, whose 12 and is Land’s son from a previous marriage.

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