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Drummer Zac Hason Is Now Three Times A Dad!

A shaggy-haired-and-handsome Hanson bro is now a Hanson Dad again! Twenty-eight-year-old Zac Hanson and his 29-year-old wife, Kate Tucker, added another healthy baby addition to their family on October 17, reported People.


The couple chose to name their boy George Abraham Walker Hanson.



The little guy is the “baby” of the family, joining a duo of sibs, 2-year-old big sis Junia Rosa Ruth and 5-year-old big bro, John Ira Shepherd.


The new guy will go by Abraham in the day. Hanson, one of seven children, is said to be big on family. And, as we see, he and his wife have some fun naming their kids, each of whom has quite an original name.

Seeing as this couple, who one might argue still look like babies themselves, got married when Zac was a wee 20 years old, who knows how many more kin the two could produce. Hmmm, Will this crew of sibs also grow up to form their own pop-rock band one day? Only time will tell–they’d certainly have a set of stellar Papa and Uncle coaches from which to learn.

Congrats to the growing family! Looks like parenthood is doing this duo exceedingly well.

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