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Explained: The Celebrity Baby Name Bear Blaze Winslet on Ellen

If you are anything like us, you were wondering, when you heard the celebrity baby name Bear Blaze Winslet, how in the heck did that name arise?

Well, for all us who were curiosity-stricken, we now have some answers. And they are indeed surprising.

Turns out the name was not random. That it held actual sentimental meaning for 38-year-old, Oscar-winning celeb mom Kate Winslet and her husband Ned Rocknroll.

The Divergent star revealed to Ellen Degeneres on the show Ellen that unlike with her two older children, Mia and Joe, whose names were not ready on baby-delivery arrival, she and Rocknroll selected their baby together’s name way in advance.

So, let’s get to it, shall we? The first name Bear was chosen in honor of a close childhood friend, whom Winslet and others had nicknamed that. It was a friend who was tender, caring, a shoulder to cry on who could be relied on in troubling times. Sweet, isn’t that?

The babe’s middle name, Blaze, is a remembrance to the chance, and dangerous, encounter that let to mom and dad meeting! It was Necker Island. And the two escaped a house fire–aka, a Blaze–in Virgin Music star Richard Branson’s (who is Ned’s uncle) vacation home. Both escaped unscathed, full of vivaciousness and ready to mingle.

How cool for this little boy to have been given such a sentimental, meaningful name, chosen so carefully by these Hollywood parents. We love it, and think you will, too.


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