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Extra’s AJ Calloway’s Got A New Baby Girl!

The familiar, friendly face that belongs to  Extra correspondent A.J. Calloway is now a new daddy as August continues to play out as New Hollywood Dad’s month.

Thirty-eight-year-old AJ and his wife, Dionne, delivered a baby girl, for whom they selected the name Amy Belle Calloway, on August 12, reported ExtraTv.com. The couple married in June 2013.

“We are so thrilled, I am still coming down from the moon,” Calloway told Extra, continuing, “I now know what it feels like to have heaven in my arms.”

We know. Awww, adorbs, right?

This new, proud Pap also took to Instagram, where he is wont to share big, life news (it was on that social network that, back in January, the Extra correspondent announced the couple’s pregnancy).

He gushed on Twitter, to the 32,000-and-counting followers of his handle @AJCalloway, “Life has new meaning for me…..,” and linked to this Instagram birth announcement, reading, ”AC/DC Introduces A.B.C. to the world, Amy Belle Calloway Born 8-12-13.”

Sigh. What is more touching than a good man becoming a father? Well, maybe cute, fluffy and cuddly kittens with orange-and-white fur pawing at balls of sting….Maybe.

Wishing this Hollywood family every joy new parenthood has to offer, plus a few hours of solid sleep on-the-sly when possible.




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