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Family of Six for Buffy the Vampire Slayer Clare Kramer and Hub, All with Unique Names

Buffy the Vampire from season five, known as Glory, has become Buffy the Baby Maker. Th cult-classic alum Clare Kramer, 39, delivered a healthy baby boy with writer-producer hub Brian Keathley on December 11, reports People.

The couple chose to name their precious newborn Sky LynLee Keathley. Now, that, is a celebrity baby name if we ever heard one. The adorable little man gets his middle name in love memory of Dad’s sister who died back in September of this year.

The baby will three older sibs, older sisters River, 3 and Gavin, 5 and an older brother, Hart, close to 2 years old.

A very happy holiday season indeed for this rapidly expanding Hollywood family.

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