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Sighting: Zane Alexander, Son of The Bold and The Beautiful’s Heather Tom

A special surprise appearance, the first of baby Zane Alexander Achor, son to The Bold and The Beautiful star Heather Tom and her hub James Achor, occurred at the Kidstock Festival in Beverly Hills, reported our friends over at CelebrityBabyScoop, who posted photos of the celebrity-family fieldtrip. As you’ll see, baby Zane Alexander has grown into a strong and healthy boy of seven months.

It was on Sunday, June 02, that the little man, clad in a stylish fedora, red polo, striped shorts and bright white sneaks, was introduced to Hollywood at the music and art festival.

Such an original celebrity baby name, right? Of course we were curious about its origins, as well. While it seemed at first that this name may have just been made up on a whimsy, or a dare, a little research showed that this was indeed not the case.

Pronounced zayne, and sounding to us like a fierce wee-warrior’s name, Zane is of Hebrew origins and means, “God is gracious.”

This is also the first name of the late American Western-frontier writer Zane Grey–who, we kid you not, was born in Zanesville, Ohio. Writing adventure novels with Wild West themes at their core, the novelist’s characteristic image was more cowboy than warrior.

Among the many variants of the name–Zain, Zaine, Zayne—the Hindu version translates to “Godly light.”

We’re wishing this celebrity family many adventures in their very own Zanesville, with a California zip code.

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