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Foo Fighter Dave Grohl Gives Third Baby Special Name

Foo Fighter turned lover now that 45-year-old Dave Grohl has gone and become a proud Papa for the third time and greeted his newborn baby girl with his 38-year-old wife Jordyn Blum.
The timing of his little girl’s arrival was an ironic one, as it ended falling just days after the untimely death of the musician’s father, Jim Grohl. In honor of his late father, Grohl decided to name his daughter Ophelia in memory of the journalist granddad she sadly will never meet.
Baby Ophelia will have fast friends in elder sibs Harper Willow, who is 8 years old, and Violet Maye, who is 8 years old.
Perhaps the reference best known for the name Ophelia (pronounced o-feel-ee-ya) is as the daughter of Polonius in the Shakespeare play Hamlet, the one who was in love with the character of Hamlet. The name is thought to originate in Greece and translates to succor, or assistance and help.
Amid such loss, there is such sorrow. Luckily it can be tempered with new joys and new beginnings. Dad’s new album with the Foo Fighters will also make its debut in the fall of this year and be called Sonic Highways.
Wishing the Grohl family precious delight amid the anguish. May the memory of a loved one lost live on in a baby’s name that will be said, and heard, daily, as a reminder of all that has come before in the family history.

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