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Former America’s Top Model Eva Marcille Has Baby Girl, Picks Names Honoring Musicians

Models becoming moms, it seems to be a recent theme. Winner of America’s Top Model ‘s third cycle, Eva Marcille, became a model-mom on the first of February. The glowing new mom gave birth to a baby girl with her singer-songwriter partner Kevin McCall.

The day after the healthy newborn’s arrival, Dad shared her name with the world: Marley Rae McCall.

We are just hoping the name is a tribute to the legendary reggae crooner Bob Marley (Can I get a, “Positve vibration, Yeaah. Positive. Live if you wanna live!”). But the name has other roots as an Old English surname. It is a boy’s name that has in recent years been adopted as a girls name. The name translates to “meadow” and “lake,” and, of course, “positive vibrations” (thanks, Bob).

As for Rae, this could be the feminine for of Raymond. Could this middle name be a tribute to stage-great musician Ray Charles? Wow, in that could mean two male names modified to female forms, and both tributes to world-over famous musicians — hey with Papa being a singer-songwriter I’m thinking this may have been the plan. Or, Rae could also be the feminine form of the Hebrew name Rachel. I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking it’s the former.

Sending well wished to the new, ecstatic parents. With a name like Marley Rae, this little sunshine is sure to spread peace, love and joy wherever she may go.



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