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Former B2K Singer Omarion Is A New Dad!

Former B2K singer Omarion has entered the Dads club. He and his girlfriend Apryl Jones have delivered a healthy baby boy, reports Us Weekly.

And my, what a celebrity baby name they have chosen. Their newborn son received the chosen name Megaa Omari Grandberry, who made his arrival at home, via natural birth. Seeing as Mom and Dad both have quite original names themselves, the name choice is not a total shocker.

Quite similar to the baby boy’s unique name, Mega, with just one a, is a name of Indonesian origin that means grandness and/or the clouds in the sky. Mega has also been used as a Spanish name for girls, meaning gentleness, kindness and peace. Of course, mega is also an adjective used in the English language, meaning extremely large or huge (think mega rich or mega famous).

Even these versions of the name, with one a, could not be called common, as Mega has not ever appeared in the top 1,000 most popular baby names given to newborns in the U.S., according to Social Security data. Perhaps, though, now that Omarion and Apryl have named their boy Megaa, we’ll see an uptick in the popularity of this baby name.

Omari, the tyke’s middle name (pronounced oh-mar-ee and sounding much like Papa’s name, Ommarion), is Swahili in origin and translates to God the highest. Though the baby name is not a classic often chosen, there are quite a few famous people sharing the name, including football players Omari Hand and Omari Jordan and actor Omari Hardwick.

Congrats to the happy, growing family.


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