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Harvey Weinstein’s Son Named Dashiell, Find Out After Whom

After fathering four daughters, Oscar-winning producer and Miramax Films co-founder, Harvey Weinstein, is now Dad to his first son. Earlier in April, on the 11th, the power couple,  Harvey and his wife, Georgina Chapman, who is co-founder of high-end womenswear brand Marchesa, gave birth to the healthy baby boy.

The name, Dashiell, an unusual one to be sure, has a romantic story behind it. It was Weinstein’s tribute to the couple’s first date, uncovered People magazine. When entering the restaurant on their first amorous outing, Chapman tripped and fell, leading Weinstein to joke, in an attempt to set her at ease, that the meeting was similar to the opening scene of the novel The Thin Man, written by author Samuel Dashiell Hammett, in which two characters collide.

Dashiell was an influential American writer of his time who penned short stories, detective novels and screenplays. The dashing writer, born in Maryland in 1894, was referred to as a cross between Ernest Hemingway and Sherlock Holmes, by The New York Times. His 1930 Maltese Falcon novel demanded seven printings in its first year. His fifth and final novel was The Thin Man. About an open, drinking-dowsed marriage, the novel was considered scandalous in its time and was repeatedly censored, according to PBS. Dashiell is an anglicized version of the French surname de Chiel, and pronounced dash yell.

Since one of the couple’s children, now two years old, is named India Pearl, Weinstein must have known Chapman was open to originality in the celebrity baby-name department. A tug at the heart strings by kindling the sentimentality of the couple’s first day certainly must have won Weinstein points in the romance category, as well.

Have you ever encountered the name Dashiell before?

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