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Hello, Baby Eva James! Brandon & Leah Jenner’s New Arrival

After all the months of anticipation and preparation, it’s baby time for this sweet celeb couple. Brandon Jenner, a singer who is 34 years old, and Leah Jenner, who is 32 years old, just delivered their first child, a lovely baby girl. Hooray!

The celeb couple’s newborn daughter was given the name Eva James, which is frickin’ adorable, no?

The baby girl name Eva is derived from the Hebrew name for life, which is Chava, which is derived from the word hawwah.

Having James as a middle is ultra cool. It reminds us of the sultry 50’s singer Etta James (who sang the famous song “At Last” with fervor) and the history books robber-baron outlaw Jesse James and it’s now become one of those gender-neutral baby names on trend with gender-neutral baby nurseries and outfits and toys.

It’s also aligned with the hip new trend of giving historically baby boy names to baby girls.
You’ll recall that the power couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds recently named their newborn daughter James, to much fanfare. Famed designer Coco Rocha and her partner James Conran also gave their newborn baby gal the middle name James (Ioni James). And the name still retains its popularity as a baby boy name. Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt named her newborn Atticus James in late June this year.

Kudos to the chipper young couple on this life-changing arrival of their first child and daughter. Wishing the new parents endless good times as they watch their sweet Baby Eva James.

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