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Hollywood Mom Charlize Theron Adopts Second Child, Find Out Her Name!

The knockout actor well known for her role in the blockbuster movie Mad Max: Fury Road Charlize Theron is taking on an even bigger Mom role. The actor just recently announced that she has adopted baby number 2, a baby girl.

Her new African American daughter who was born in the United States has the name August, reported TMZ.

The gender-neutral baby name August has been quite popular with famous musicians. For example, the country tycoon Garth Brooks has a baby girl named August who was born in 1994 (not so much a baby anymore) whose full name is August Anna Brooks.

Additionally, the singer Dave Matthews has a son who is named August and who was born in 2007 whose full name is August Oliver Matthews. Obviously, you know that this name is a month name, named after a month of the year (similar to names such as May and April and June). Of course, beyond that, it is also true the name could be referencing the Latin word and name August, meaning venerable, honorable and overall great.

Mama Theron’s Baby August won’t be lonely in the nest, having an adorable eat-your-heart-out older brother, who is also adopted and is named Jackson and nearly 4 years old.

It was reported by Us Weekly in June of this year that Theron and Sean Penn ended their romantic relationship. The two Hollywood Hills regulars were said to have dated for one and a half years.

Congratulations to this leading lady who knows just what she wants, and how to go and get it. Here’s to many happy and hearty years in your beautifully blooming home life. Cheers!

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