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Hurrah: Today, A Royal Prince Is Born!

A new Prince has arrived, safely and soundly, to a lovely Royal couple and we could not be more delighted to hear it! Yes, so we don’t really know the Royal couple, obviously; so few probably do. But seeing as so many photos and news updates have been shared, it seems oddly, that in some way, we do. And it is with such happiness that we learned of the healthy, hitch-free birth of the Royal Baby, a baby-boy Prince, whose name will be released “in due course.”

The newest Little Prince made his appearance at 4:24 p.m. London time and weighed 8 pounds and 6 ounces.

And, guess what? Prince William was there, at the delivery. The official birth announcement, which was posted by the LA Times. It’s the new badge of honoring, being present during labor with your woman, Her Royal Highness The Dutchess of Cambridge, for the birth of your child. So much, fellas, for coming up with any excuses as to why you can’t be there ever again in the future. If Prince William was there, you should be, too.

The announcement also stated that the couple will be staying together as a family overnight at the hospital.

An honorary 41-gun salute will welcome the newborn Prince Tuesday, who is third in line to the throne. Queen Elizabeth II will be followed by Prince Charles, then his son Prince William, and then his son yet-to-be-named Prince Newborn.

It has been reported that Queen Elizabeth II was first to receive the good-news call.

Isn’t it pleasant to hear about something that went well, according to plan, an event spreading joy around the globe. Wishing every joy to the Royal Family.

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