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Insta-Family of 4: Gracepoint Star Kevin Zegers’ Twin Girls Are Here!

Ehhh, voila! From family of two to family of four, in no times at all. Two times the fun, two times the love for one excited, young Hollywood couple. Yep, looks like actor Kevin Zegers, of Gracepoint acting acclaim, who is 30 years old, has his hands full, now that his talent-agent wife Jaime Feld has successfully delivered the couple’s first two children together, two baby twin girls. Sweet, sweet, sweet news, right?

Yes, the new parents of two (not one) newborn babies had two bona fide baby-girl names ready to be announced once their new arrivals made their debut. One of their twin daughters was given the name Blake Everleigh Zegers, and the other baby girl was given the name Zoe Madison Zegers, reported People Magazine.

Of course, the baby gal name Blake is not new to the Hollywood Hills, and reminds us of that Hollywood sweetheart (who is also a new screenstar Mom) Blake Lively. We’re so used to hearing Blake used as a baby-gal name that you (like us) may have forgotten that the name Blake was originally used for baby boys. Old English in origin, the name meant blonde or fair-skinned (while at the same time, another derivation of the name stands to mean dark-complexioned). Blake was also a popular pet name given to people with exceedingly bright and light or dark and rich skin color. Seeing as giving boys names that were historically for girls, and girls names traditionally for boys, the name Blake for a baby gal is totally on-trend.

Zoe has been around as a cool-kid baby name for a while now. Surprisingly (at least, for us) Greek in origin, the name means life. Isn’t that hip and upbeat?

Congratulations to the ecstatic, beaming celeb couple on the healthy arrival of their first two babies, and their first two precious daughters.

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