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Instagram and Facebook Weekly Name Contest – March 17, 2013

Vote for your favorite names by liking the picture on Facebook ,Instagram or by liking this post and commenting with the number and/or letter of your favorite (only 1 comment per person) until the end of Thursday(US- EST). Friday- we will post the winners!!!!

So let’s start with the boys:

Boy number 1: Jaxon Carnell-Lee 

5 Months old from Bayonne, NJ @j_caramelskinchinnelle

Boy number 2: Wade Fisher

6 Months old from Texas @theawesomemommy

Boy number 3: Jace Joseph Neuman

Mommy @angel_eyed_april is 16 weeks & 2 days pregnant from Wisconsin

Boy number 4: Ezra Benjamin

2 Months old from Kalispell, MT @tavia55

Boy number 5: Keir John Allen  Cooper

6 Weeks old from Tacoma, WA @tankmom23

So which baby boy name is your favorite??? Please, comment below the number and why you selected that name.

Baby girl names:

Girl A: Naomi Elizabeth

4 Months old from Baltimore, MD @sieraashleyxo

Girl B: Everley Roslyn

3 1/2  Months old from CA  @sandy_mrie

Girl C: Lilly Marie Tsalote

7 Months old from Jacksonville, FL   @erinpanda

Girl D: Addison Rose 

3 Weeks old from Paso Robles, CA   @brittanyrosehuston

Girl E: E’veah Noelle

6 1/2  Months old from Middletown, Delaware  @boweeezy

Girl F: Audrina Marie

8 1/2  Months old from Massachusettes   @_itsmskayla

So which baby girl name is your favorite??? Please, like this post and comment below with the letter and why you selected that name



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  1. Siera Morris says:


  2. joanna says:

    number 1 …Jaxon

  3. Kristi cooper says:

    5 Keir , because he’s mine <3
    D Lilly because that was my choice if I had a girl

  4. Sandy says:

    Girl- Everley my LO

  5. Brittany says:

    D -Addison!! <3
    4- Ezra <3

  6. D – Addison Rose because she mine!:)
    4 – Ezra because I think that name is so pretty!

  7. Dana says:

    D: Addison Rose

  8. Chayvon says:

    D & A

  9. Courtney says:

    Girl D: Addison Rose!! :)

  10. Greg says:

    baby girl A! Naomi Elizabth

  11. Maranda says:

    A!!!!!!!!!!!!! Naomi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Keith says:

    A Naomi because that’s my granddaughter

  13. Maegan Camp says:

    Boy: #1 Jaxon
    Girl: B Everley

    I like both of those because they are unique and spelled differently, just like my name. I think it is very unique to have a name spelled differently then everyone else!

  14. Jessie says:

    I vote for Baby Girl E!

  15. Amy says:

    wade fisher! <3

  16. Heather Triplett says:

    #2! Wade fisher for sure!!

  17. Erin Rasmussen says:

    C- Lilly! My daughter’s name

  18. Rigby says:

    C – Lilly. Such a cute name

  19. Natalie says:

    2 Wade Fisher <3

  20. Sarah says:

    Baby Boy #2 <3

  21. Brttney says:

    Wade Fisher! He is too Freakin Cute :)

  22. Tracey says:

    Boy 2 – Wade Fisher – it is just too cute and funny!

  23. Leah says:

    Babygirl B
    Love the different name, very pretty.

  24. Jaime says:

    Babygirl B- that’s my girl

  25. Tavia says:

    Baby boy 4 <3 that's my little Ezzy man.

  26. kristi hampton says:

    Wade fisher, cute!

  27. kristi hampton says:

    #2 Wade fisher, cute!

  28. Luis Alfonso says:

    Voto por la letra D