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It’s a Boy for Singer Amy Lee and Hub Josh Hartzler

Crooner Amy Lee has a wonderful reason to belt out love songs and lullabies. Now that the 32-year-old Evanescence singer and her therapist hub Josh Hartzler have delivered a healthy baby boy, that is.

The couple decided on the name Jack Lion Hartzler for their little slugger.

Originally Jack was a pet-nickname short for Jackson or John, which is a classic biblical name meaning God is gracious. The baby boy name has been consistently popular as a baby-nam choice through the years and just in 2013, Jack was the 40th most commonly chosen baby boy name given to newborns in the US, according to Social Security data. It’s hovered around that spot in the ranking for a number of years.

Oftentimes, Baby Jacks will soon pick up the endearing Jackie, for short, which is reminiscent of baseball great Jackie Robinson.

Many celebs have chosen the winsome name, not nickname, Jack for their babies, including examples such as Jack Paris, the son of Christie Brinkley, and Jack Cameron, son of Kirk Cameron and Chelsea Noble, Jack Kilmer, son of Val Kilmer and Joanne Whalley, Jack McDermott, son of Dean McDermott and Jack Osbourne, son of rowdy rocker Ozzy.

As for Lion, well that is indeed a precious first, and we’re loving it. May his roar be ferocious and fierce but his heart gentle as, well, a lion’s heart. Congratulations to the new, young parents and much luck on all of their family adventures together. We can’t wait to hear!

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