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It’s Official: Team Kimye’s Baby’s (Real) Name (Not Beginning with K) Revealed!

Think North Pole…..North Star…..Due North…..and get to North West. After much conferring in private, it was revealed that this is the name given the already-famous baby girl born to that glowing, exuberant couple known as Kimye.

Last night, amid the flurry of rumors-for-days on what Kim and Kanye could have possibly named their newborn baby girl, TMZ broke the rumor-chain and set the record straight, reporting that the star-bright-couple’s baby’s birth certificate had been obtained.

 Nope, it did not read Kaidence Donda (uh, thanks Nurse, for that huge, and fake, reveal). And it wasn’t Klementine Star West, either. Indeed, no name beginning with a K at all was to be found on that slip of paper.

Yep, we were all duped. And pleasantly surprised to discover the baby girl’s name is North West. It’s been reported that the baby will go by “Nori,” as a nickname, and that no middle name exists on the birth certificate.

A close friend of Kim’s reportedly told TMZ that Mom is not ecstatic about the choice, but Dad is a big fan. According to In Touch, the family is also said not to be in love with the select.

But you know what? Who cares? We think it sounds jet-set, cool-kid, freedom-loving, Wild West and most wanderlust.  Though it doesn’t matter what we, or any other person, thinks either.

This beautiful baby starlette was born healthy and happy, has two loving parents and a carefully chosen name. That’s nothing but straight-up good news and cheers all around. Yay, new celebrity family!

Now, dibs on when Kanye’s first single referring to Lil Baby North will hit airwaves?

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